Health Benefits of Swimming

Since time immemorial swimming has been known as a luxury activity loved by a select rich people in society. However, it is being embraced more by the general public as a good sporting activity for people of all ages. If you are considering taking a plunge, literally, you have to consider a few things;

  • Ensure you can actually swim. Accidents and deaths have been reported of people who went swimming, while they actually couldn't swim.
  • Your security must be paramount. Your love for swimming doesn't mean you have to swim in crocodile-infested lakes in Australia. Swim in licensed pools with good security.
  • Have a lifeguard on board, if you are a learner, not only to train you, but also to supervise you.
  • If you haven't had a swim for a long time, consult your doctor.

Now with that checklist, I'm sure you are ready to take the plunge, but before you do, it's important to understand the health benefits of swimming

Full Body Workout.

When we swim, we are basically using all the major muscles of the body. Our hands are moving, our legs are moving, our torso is moving. This provides a full body workout that may be difficult to get simultaneously in aerobics. The entire body gets to work out with just a 30-minute swim.

Swimming Burns Calories.

This is one of the major health benefit of swimming. A 30- minute swim burns an average of 200 calories which takes about 45 minutes to burn when cycling or walking. Swimming actually does more in burning your calories than any other aerobic workout if done with the same intensity and duration. Your bar of chocolate will burn faster in the swimming pool than in a gym.

The amount of calories burned from a swim is totally dependent on an individual; the more vigorously you swim the more calories you burn, and the longer you take in a swimming pool the more calories you burn.

Safe Pregnancy Workout

During pregnancy, the extra weight gain is not only uncomfortable, but it also makes it difficult to work out due to joint pains and soft tissues which are prone to injuries. The health benefit of swimming is that water provides some support to the extra weight hence reducing pregnancy-related injuries.

It is the most recommended maternal workout as it is not only safe but very effective. For a long time keeping fit has been a far fetched ideas to pregnant and nursing mothers. It was a breath of fresh air to learn that swimming is not only an efficient fitness regime, but that it is also very safe for pregnant and nursing mothers.

Used in Physiotherapy

Injuries, or conditions like paraplegia, reduce workout options. Unlike most insanity workouts with intense movements, swimming provides resistance which protects the muscles from injuries while giving them a good workout. It can also be recommended for patients with arthritis.

High Impact High Resistance workouts are too intense for people with injuries.

A Good Cardiovascular Workout

Cardio entails the heart, the lungs, and the Circulatory System. Swimming involves all the three, making it a good cardio workout. It can be better than aerobics in that it gives an entire cardio workout at the same time. On does not have to focus on specific areas.

Swimming Tones the body

Swimming basically engages almost every part of the body hence toning it will creating endurance.

Keeps Ailments at Bay

Many lifestyle diseases result from inactivity, high cortisol levels, stress, and injuries. Can you believe that just by swimming, you help fight, or even reverse some health conditions? You burn calories when you swim, hence reducing your chances of getting cardiovascular diseases, heart diseases and type 2 diabetes. Just like any other workout, swimming alleviates our moods by releasing the feel-good hormones oxytocin. Our sleep patterns are also improved after a good workout. The best news ever is that you can swim when you have soft injuries.

We hope that this article has finally helped you make the decision to join the local swimming club and reap the health benefits listed above. You can get additional information at However, remember to take precautions while at it when you either have an injury, or you are pregnant. The most beautiful part of this sport is that you will never outgrow it, you can swim at any age.

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